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Ken Wooley

Sr. General Manager

Westmoreland Rosebud Mining, LLC


Ken grew up in Chester, Montana.  Ken attended Montana Tech where he played football and majored in engineering. He worked for an Architectural/Mechanical firm in Pocatello, Idaho before joining Cordero Mine in Gillette, Wyoming in 1995.  He became General Manager for the Spring Creek Mine in 2002. He has worked with surface and underground hard rock mines.  He worked with the Greens Creek Mine in Alaska and subsequently Eagle Mine in Michigan. He moved back to Gillette with the Peabody North Antelope Rochelle Mine. He was selected as the Sr. General Manager for the Rosebud Mine in Colstrip and moved back to Montana in 2021.  Over his 33-year mining career, Ken has enjoyed being part of teams with exceptional environmental and safety records while mining over1.9 billion tons of coal. 

Ken Wooley
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